Chicago-Area Asian American CBO Organizations


Access Living
115 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60654
Website: Click here
Contact: Bhuttu Mathews
Tel: (312)-640-2100
Fax: (312)-640-2101
Services: Independent Living, Education, Support for Employment
Language(s): English, Spanish, American Sign Language (ASL)

Arab American Family Services
9044 S. Octavia Ave.
Bridgeview, IL 60455
Website: Click here
Contact: Iteadal Shalabi, Nareman Taha
Tel: (708)-599-2237
Fax: (708)-599-8299
Services: Support to obtain public benefits; immigration; domestic violence; elderly services; and outreach for healthier families and communities
Language(s): Arabic

Asian American Institute
4753 N. Broadway St, Suite 904
Chicago, IL 60640
Website: Click here
Contact: Satish Turakhia
Tel: (773)-271-0899
Fax: (773)-271-1982
Services: Empowerment through advocacy, research utilization, education, and coalition building
Language(s): 53 languages

Asian American Small Business Association
5901 N. Cicero Ave, Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60646
Website: None
Contact: John Lee
Tel: (773)-545-0600
Services: Services for small businesses, particularly Asian American owned businesses
Language(s): Not available

Asian Health Coalition of Illinois
4753 N. Broadway St, Suite 614
Chicago, IL 60640
Website: Click here
Contact: Edwin Chandrasekar, Celine Woznica
Tel: (312)-372-7070
Fax: (312)-372-7171
Services: Advocacy, technical assistance, education, and community-based research
Language(s): Not available

Asian Human Services of Chicago
4753 N. Broadway St, Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60640
Website: Click here
Contact: Jing Zhang, Hae Sook Pak, Soung San
Tel: (773)-728-2235
Fax: (773)-728-4751
Services: Addresses health and social-service needs
Language(s): Khmer, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bosnian, Thai, Hindi, Lao, and more

Asian Metropolitan Family Services
7541 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645-1510
Website: Click here
Contact: Santosh Kumar, Promila Mehta, Himali Pharucha
Tel: (773)-465-3105
Services: Provides services to elderly populations from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and East European to keep them safe, healthy, and secure in their homes. Provides caregiver education.
Language(s): Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bosnian


Business Sector Consultant
Contact: Won Kang
Tel: (847)-982-0899
Services: Business assistance
Language(s): Not available


Cambodian Association of Illinois
2831 W. Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
Website: Click here
Contact: Kaoru Watanabe, Seth Kompha
Tel: (773)-878-7090
Fax: (773)-878-5299
Services: Supports Cambodian refugees and immigrants in becoming self-sufficient. Services include family, community, senior, youth, employment, citizenship and more.
Language(s): Cambodian/ Khmer

Chicago Regional Office Minority
Business Development Agency (MBDA)
55 East Monroe, Suite 2810
Chicago, IL 60603
Website: Click here
Contact: George Chunkau Mui
Tel: (312)-353-0189
Services: Promotes growth and wealth creation of minority-owned businesses
Language(s): Not available

Chinese American Service League
2141 S. Tan Ct.
Chicago, IL 60616
Website: Click here
Contact: Esther Wong, Ivy Siu, Grace Chan, Tabitha Mui
Tel: (312)-791-0418
Fax: (312)-791-0509
Services: Offers health and social service needs to families, seniors, and youth.
Language(s): Chinese: Cantonese and Mandarin

Chinese Mutual Aid Association
1016 W. Argyle Street
Chicago, IL 60640
Website: Click here
Contact: Benjamin Rucker, Monica Barroso, Huy Tran, B. Jane Young, Jamie Taradash, Steve Brunton, Romy Arrieta
Tel: (773)-784-2900
Fax: (773)-784-2984
Services: Offers health and social service needs to the community including families, seniors, and youth.
Language(s): Chinese: Cantonese and Mandarin; Bosnian; Burmese; and Vietnamese

Coalition of African, Arab, Asian, European, and Latino Immigrants of Illinois
4300 N. Hermitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
Website: Click here
Contact: Francisco Ramos
Tel: (773)-248-1019
Fax: (773)-248-1179
Services: Adult education, leadership development, and coalition building.
Language(s): Many languages available. See website for all partner agencies and language capacities.

Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly
53 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 1301
Chicago, IL, 60604-3552
Website: Click here
Contact: Marta Pereyra,
Linda Seyler
Tel: (312)-461-0812
Fax: (312)-461-1466
Services: Advocay, Leadership and education
Language(s): English officially, bilingual unofficially

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago Quetzal Center
2525 W. Peterson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60669
Website: Click here
Contact: Jeffry Romano
Tel: (773)-765-0614
Fax: (773)-765-0650
Services: Mental health
Language(s): Not available

City of Chicago-Commission on Human Relations Council on Asian Affairs
740 N. Sedgwick Street, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60654
Website: Click here
Contact: Kripal (Chris) Zala
Tel: (312)-744-4479
Fax: (312)-744-1081
Email: None
Services: Provides information, advocacy, referrals, and conflict resolution assistance
Language(s): Not available



El Valor
1850 W. 21st Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Website: Click here
Contact: Gloria Curtin
Tel: (312)-666-4511
Services: Seeks to build strong and inclusive communities.
Language(s): Spanish




Heartland Alliance Refugee Health Programs
1331 W. Albion Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626
Website: Click here
Contact: Judith Weinstein, MA, MPH
Tel: (773)-751-4166
Fax: (773)-381-4073
Services: Human needs and human rights.
Language(s): Various languages specifically for health and medical care purposes.


Immigrant Family Resource Program
55 E. Jackson Blvd, Suite 2075
Chicago, IL 60604
Website: Click here
Contact: Luvia Quiñones
Tel: (312)-332-7360 ext. 225
Fax: (312)-332-7044
Services: Promotes rights of immigrants and refugees.
Language(s): Various languages through community contracts.

Indo-American Center
6328 N. California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60659
Website: Click here
Contact: Renuka Sharma, Sunitha Doma, Jay Luthra
Tel: (773)-973-4444
Fax: (773)-973-0157
Services: Foster adjustment and integration while aiding in retaining culture and heritage.
Language(s): Hindi

Interfaith Refugee Immigration Ministries
4753 N. Broadway Street, Suite 401
Chicago, IL 60640
Website: Click here
Contact: Melineh Kano,Yussuf Ali
Tel: (773)-989-5647
Fax: (773)-989-0484
Services: Safety, dignity, and self-reliance for refugees.
Language(s): Not available



Korean American Community Services
4300 N. California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618
Website: Click here
Contact: Inchul Choi, Mi Young Seo
Tel: (773)-583-5501
Fax: (773)-583-7009
Services: Provides legal, education, health, and social services to community members.
Language(s): Korean


Lao American Community Services
4750 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60640-7511
Website: Click here
Contact: Thavone Nyatso,
Khamphoui Singvongsa
Tel: (312)-271-0004
Services: Foster adjustment and integration while aiding in retaining culture and heritage
Language(s): Laotian


Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities
121 N. LaSalle Street
City Hall, Room 1104
Website: Click here
Contact: Karen Tamley, Joe Albritton, Lavonzell Paige
Tel: (312)-744-4964
Fax: (312)-744-3314
Services: Meet the needs of people with disabilities, concerned with accessibility.
Language(s): Not available

Midwest Asian American Center
2534 W. Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659-1810
Website: None
Contact: Vandana Dalal
Tel: (773)-262-8650
Services: Educational services
Language(s): Not available

Midwest Asian Health Association
230 W. Cermak St, 2/F, Rear (Mail Box #13)
Chicago, IL 60616
Website: Click here
Contact: Hong Liu
Tel: (312)-225-8659
Fax: (312)-225-6806
Services: Reduce health disparities among Asian Americans. Provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services.
Language(s): Not available

Muslim Women Resource Center
6349 N. Western Ave, Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60659
Website: Click here
Contact: Sima Quraishi,
Aaisha Mohammad
Tel: (773)-764-1686
Fax: (773)-764-6753
Email: None
Services: Provides skills to become self-sufficient and overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.
Language(s): Urdu, Arabic, Pashto


Nepali American Center
6 E. Jerry Street
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Website: Click here
Contact: Bishnu Phuyal
Tel: (773)-469-0684
Fax: (773)-800-1622
Services: Provides for social, cultural, and civic needs.
Language(s): Nepali, Nepalese








United African Organization
3424 S. State Street, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60616
Website: Click here
Contact: Nancy Asirifi-Otchere
Tel: (312)-949-9980
Fax: (312)-949-9981
Email: Nancy.asirifi–
Services: Promotes social and economic justice, civic participation, and empowerment for African immigrants.
Language(s): French, Fulani


Vietnamese American Community of Illinois
880 Bittersweet Dr.
Northbrook, IL 60062
Website: None
Contact: Jackie HaDo Conley
Phone number: None
Services: Provides services to the Vietnamese American Community.
Language(s): Not available

Vietnamese Association of Illinois
5252 N. Broadway Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60640
Website: Click here
Contact: Lhakpa Tsering, Howard Vu
Tel: (773)-728-3700
Fax: (773)-728-0497
Services: Provides services to the Vietnamese community such as life skills education, elderly programs, case management, and health education.
Language(s): Chinese: simplified, traditional; French; Vietnamese

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